Denmark general election 2019: How are people planning to vote ahead of the June 5 poll? – Euronews English

Immigration and the environment are set to be key issues as Danes go to the polls to elect a new parliament on Wednesday (June 5).

We’ve been speaking to people to find out how they will vote and why — take a look at the video in the player, above.

Denmark is currently governed by a three-party coalition: Venstre, Liberal Alliance and the Conservative People’s Party.

It relies on support from the right-wing Danish People’s Party.

Opinion polls published ahead of the vote suggest the Social Democrats will win the biggest vote share, followed by Venstre and the Danish People’s Party.

Your view: Who voters intend to back in Denmark’s election

Bjarne Iverson, 75, from Hellerup near Copenhagen

“I am going to vote for Venstre (a conservative-liberal party) because of the politician Mads Fuglede. Otherwise, I might have voted for Danish People’s Party.

“I like the way he is acting on television and the way he addresses different problems. He seems to be honest, as honest as a politician can be.

Christoffer Skov, 27, from Østerbro, a suburb of Copenhagen

I am going to vote for Enhedslisten (an eco-socialist party) because I support their climate policy very much and I think it’s very important to make the society less xenophobic and more welcoming towards people from different cultures.

Kirsten Lykkebo, 38, from Hellerup near Copenhagen

I am going to vote for the Socialist People’s Party because of their strong focus on the climate.

Lartey Lawson, 63, Nørrebro, a suburb of Copenhagen

I am going to vote for the social liberals, which in Danish is the Radikale Venstre. I am going to do that because I am a liberal by nature and a socialist by nature as well. Because I believe liberalism can sometimes lead to high rates of capitalism which means some people can’t make it in society. Therefore we have to be responsible for them. Surely the rich have to take care of the poor in society to get a balance.

Sidsel Fjord, 25, Nørrebro, a suburb of Copenhagen

I am going to vote for the Alternative because they have been fighting for the climate since they started the party.

Birgit Morville, 57, from Gladsaxe

I believe I am going to vote for the conservatives (Conservative People’s Party). I believe in liberal values. I also believe in our welfare society but I think we need to focus more on the private sector. Instead of just focusing on how to spend all the money we also need to make sure we have a source to get the money from.

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